"Every feeling is bliss and emptiness
Way beyond what words can show
In the reaches of bliss and emptiness
Just let go and go where no mind goes"

Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche (Tibetan teacher)

About Freediving

A freediver relies on a single breath of air to explore the underwater world. Moving gracefully without wasting energy, a freediver can spend minutes underwater and experience the ocean as any other marine mammal does.
The key to freediving is learning how to relax underwater. By training your body and your mind, you will experience new sensations without the aid of artificial breathing equipment. Freedom of movement, feel yourself surrounded by a new universe of peace and silence. Be at one with the sea. No bubbles, the fish will see you like one of them. Freediving is a quiet and tranquil experience, but be careful, this will be a natural addiction!
To be able to freedive in a safe way, a recognized freediving course is absolutely necessary!


Static Apnea (STA)

The freediver holds her/his breath for as long as possible with her/his respiratory tracts immersed, her/his body either in the water or at the surface.

Dynamic With Fins (DYN)

The freediver travels in a horizontal position under water attempting to cover the greatest possible distance, using bi-fins or monofin.

Dynamic No Fins (DNF)

Distance covered in one breath horizontally, swimming without fins. The most natural of of both dynamic disciplines: no propulsion material is used.


Constant Weight No Fins (CNF)

The freediver swims down and back up, using only her/his own muscle strenght. No fins and only grabs the rope to turn. The most pure and difficult depth discipline.

Constant Weight (CWT)

The freediver descends and ascends using bi-fins or monofin without pulling on the rope or changing his ballast. Grabbing the rope only to turn. Constant weight is the most common discipline of freediving.

Free Immersion (FIM)

Descending and ascending by pulling yourself down and back up a rope, no fins allowed.

Variable Weight (VWT)

The freediver descends with the help of a ballast weight or sled and ascends using her/his own strength: swimming and/or pulling on the rope.

No Limit (NLT)

The freediver descends on a weighted sled and ascends using an air filled lift bag or other buoyancy device. There are no competitions in VWT and NLT, just record attempts.