Freediving in Dahab, Egypt

Freediving courses in Dahab
The Red Sea offers us the perfect conditions for freediving: clear blue water with 25+ meter visibility, no currents and easy access from shore! Beside that, the Red Sea is famous for it's beautiful coral and marinelife. Dahab is a mecca for freediving; many people come here to learn freediving and deep freedivers can be found training in the famous Blue Hole. See Freediving Courses and Freediving Training for more details on the different courses and training options.

The Lighthouse diving area is conveniently located in the centre of Dahab. A protected bay that slopes gently from the beach makes it an ideal training site for freedive training in depths up to 40m, with an easy shore entry/exit. Restaurants and amenities line the seafront promenade and are the perfect places to relax and make new friends after your diving.

Blue Hole
Dahab is home to the famous Blue Hole located a thirty minute drive to the north. It is a prehistoric sinkhole some 90m deep next to the shore. Protected from waves and currents by the beautiful reef wall, it is the perfect site for deeper training. At 56m you can see the spectacular Arch, a huge submarine tunnel 26m in length and dropping to the bottom of the Blue Hole itself. At the far side of the Blue Hole is ‘the saddle’, a beautiful coral garden where the reef drops to around 6m deep opening out to the sea.

About Dahab
Dahab is a small village in the Sinai area of Egypt. Located on the Gulf of Aqaba, Dahab is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Known for it's relaxed and chilled atmosphere and next to freediving the perfect location for numerous activities like windsurfing, horse riding, desert trips, Mount Sinai and of course scuba diving. Also Isreal and Jordan are easily accessible from Dahab.

How to get there
Dahab is 1 hour drive away from Sharm El Sheik International Airport.
For transfer from airport to Dahab you can contact us.

airport transfer

32 euro (one way)

* Cheap flight to Dahab can be found from all major European Airport.
* E.g. with Easyjet from London, Manchester and Milan.

If you intend to stay for two weeks or less and remain on the Gulf of Aquaba Coast (Sharm-Dahab-Taba) and St Katherines area you will not need a visa.
If however you intend to stay longer than two weeks or venture to the Ras Mohamed, Cairo or the Nile areas you will need a one month Tourist visa. Happily the vast majority of nationalities can purchase this at the airport on arrival. Head for the Bank desk before passport control and purchase the necessary "visa sticker" for 25 USD- payable in most major currencies. Stick in on an empty page in your passport and now head for the Passport desk.
For those intending to stay longer than a month the visa is renewable at El Tur South Sinai Governate or in Cairo.
Your passport should be valid for a further six months from your date of arrival.

Dahab offers a broad variety of accomodation, from budget to luxurious. For advice you can contact us.

Dahab enjoys the closest tropical weather to Europe and can be visited all year around.
Dahab averages approximately 94 percent clear skies throughout the year, In Summer gentle sea breezes keep the highest of the summer temperatures down. It is important to keep hydrated by consuming plenty of bottled water, and to be equipped with a good quality sunscreen. In winter the climate remains extremely pleasant although it can get a little chilly at night. Year round water temperatures are warm, check the graph below for more info.

average-water-temperature-egypt-dahab (54K)

average-temperature-egypt-dahab (64K)