Freediving Instructor Course

About the AIDA Freediving Instructor Course

The AIDA Freediving Instructor Course prepares candidates to function as a professional Freediving Instructor. The developmental design of the AIDA Instructor Course will introduce you to the AIDA system and help you gain the knowledge, skills and teaching techniques to be ready to teach in a professional, competent and confident way. During the course you will:

*Become familiar with the AIDA standards and materials.
*Build on your Instructor-level theory and role-model in-water skills necessary for teaching freediving   courses.
*Learn about student control and the orginizational aspects to safely conduct a freediving course.
*You will, through different scenarios, gain the confidence to anticipate and identify the mistakes and   problems you will encounter when conducting freediving courses and counsel your students to overcome   them.
*Gain knowledge of the other aspects related to teaching freediving: Legal responsibility, risk management,   marketing and freediving as a business.
*Be expected to demonstrate role-model awareness and conservation for the marine environment during   freediving activities.

This is a performance based course and candidates are held to a high standard. On this course you are expected to have the right attitude to become a freediving instructor, an in-depth knowledge of theory, exemplary freediving skills and experience prior to registration. For the performance requirements and assessment standards click here.

Prerequisites: AIDA 4 star course or equivalent and First Aid/CPR certified within the last 2 years.

Next Instructor Course

- On request

Conducted by AIDA Instructor Trainer: Wendy Timmermans.
Price: €900 (including materials and the €50 AIDA Certification Fee)
Candidates must have their own gear. Weights will be provided.
The course is conducted with bi-fins only.

AIDA Instructor Crossover

- On Request

The AIDA Instructor Crossover is for freediving Instructors from other agencies only. The crossover is a condensed version of the full AIDA Instructor Course, consisting of several academic, confined and open water sessions and examinations. You will become familiar with the AIDA Educational System and be assessed according to the AIDA standards. For the performance requirements and assessment standards click here.

Prerequisites: current CPR + First Aid certification, certified as a freediving Instructor by other agency (please check the AIDA course equivalencies to see for crossover from your current agency). Furthermore, an evaluation for entry onto this course will be made.

Duration: minimum 4 days
Conducted by AIDA Instructor Trainer: Wendy Timmermans.
Price: €495 (including materials and the €50 AIDA Certification Fee)

Optional Specialities

Monofin Speciality€75*
No Fins Speciality €75*
AIDA Competition Safety Freediver€110 incl. certification

*these are discounted price for bookings in combination with Instructor Course

Monofin speciality
The Monofin speciality is an introduction to monofin swimming and to help develop the basic skills, techniques and knowledge necessary to start using the monofin efficiently. The course includes a theory session in which we discuss monofin history, modern monofins overview, swimming technique and modification of the technique for freediving. There will also be a stretching session specifically for monofin swimming. We will conduct 2 dive sessions: Session 1 will focus on monofin swimming technique on the surface and DYN, and Session 2 will focus on CWT.

No Fin Speciality
During this 1 day No Fin clinic we will focus on the specific discipline of freediving without fins. We will discuss the technique of the adapted breaststroke, different phases and aspects of a No Fin dive and training for this discipline. We will conduct 2 dive sessions: One focusing on swimming techniques - DNF. And one CNF session.

AIDA Competition Safety Freediver
This one day course is designed to familiarize you with the safety procedures and rules in place during an AIDA competition. You will develop the knowledge and skills to be able to function as a Safety Freediver during AIDA competitions. The course covers theory, one pool session and one open water session.
And: Total Freedive organizes competitions on regular base in Dahab, Egypt. More info: click here. Contact us if you want to help out on one of our competitions and gain real time experience!