Freediving Photo and Video Shoot

One of the most fun things to do is a freediving photo -and/or video shoot. This is your chance to get some nice pictures and video of yourself while freediving! Total Freedive provided high quality photography and videography service, by award winner underwater photographers Wendy Timmermans and Guillaume Bihet. For an impression of what is possible, check out our sister site Seadrops Photography.

The photoshoot can take place on the line or over the reef. On the line performing various disciplines. And over the reef incorporating all the colorful marine life into your pictures. Prior to entering the water, we will discuss your wishes, so we can get the maximum out of the photo shoot.

You also have the option of doing a video shoot. This can be booked for different purposes:
* Video can be used as a training aid to help improve your technique. We film you during your training session.
  Together we look at the footage afterwards to analyze your technique and you will receive a copy of all videos.
* Still shots of you during your fun dives around the reef.

* For those who want a high quality photo's or video of their record attempt or deep dive during competition.

To book the photo shoot and/or video you need to be AIDA 2 star or equivalent. Photo / video can not be done during any of the courses. Prices vary depending on your wishes. We charge the normal training fee for the time of each session, plus a fee per video / photo that you decide to take. For more details and booking please contact us at