Freediving Training


For the certified freediver who wants to improve their freediving performance. There are many factors that influence our diving. During the freediving training we will work exactly on those that can be improved. Together we will plan your training for the day. We will provide you with the set up of buoy and rope, take care of your safety and give essential feedback in water. A tailor made approach.

Prices per day:

Lighthouse1 session2 sessionsBlue Hole1 session2 sessions
1 person 30 euro 50 euro1 person45 euro60 euro
2 persons 25 euro38 euro2 persons34 euro43 euro
3 or 4 persons21 euro33 euro3 or 4 persons25 euro38 euro

Optional dry session: 15 euro (1 hour)
Are you missing some theoretical information? Do you have a lot of different questions? Do you want help with certain issues? For example: making a training plan, (mental) coaching, stretching techniques and much, much more. Combine your inwater training with a personal dry session with content of your choice.

Additional options for competitive freedivers: second safety diver, post-dive O2 and counterbalast system (all at surcharge). Contact us for more info.

NO FINS COURSEDuration: 1 or 2 days

During the No Fin Course we focus on the specific discipline of freediving without fins. This discipline is the purest form of freediving, using only your own muscle strength. In 2011 Wendy was the second deepest woman and Silver Medalist at the World Depth Championship. We will discuss the technique of the adapted breaststroke, applied to DNF and CNF and different aspects of training for a No Fin dive. We will conduct 2 dive sessions per day: Session 1 will focus on swimming/ DNF, and Session 2 will focus on CNF (with aid of video). You can choose from a 1 day introduction or the 2 day course. Price: €90 per day.


The AIDA Monofin Course is designed to be an introduction to monofin swimming and to help develop the basic skills, techniques and knowledge necessary to start using the monofin efficiently. The course includes a theory session in which we discuss monofin history, modern monofins overview, swimming technique and modification of the technique for freediving. There will also be a stretching session specifically for monofin swimming. We will conduct 2 dive sessions: Session 1 will focus on monofin swimming technique on the surface and underwater (dynamic apnea), and Session 2 will focus on learning and practicing monofin vertical swimming with the rope (CWT). Price: €90 Plus additional €10 if you want the AIDA certification.

MOUTHFILL COURSEDuration: 1 or 2 days

This course is designed for freedivers who are comfortable at depths around 40 meter or more and want to learn or fine tune the mouthfill technique. Each day consists of 2 theory sessions, dry equalization exercises and 2 dive sessions. During the theory we cover in detail: anatomy, mechanism and effectiveness of main equalization techniques including mouthfill, how to perform mouthfill, common problems and how to deal with them and fine tuning your mouthfill. During the dive sessions we will practice mouthfill exercises on full lungs and on exhale. Price: 90 euro per day.


We now offer you to opportunity to have pictures or video of your freediving taken. It's fun and video for example can also help you to improve your technique. Photoshoot can be done on the rope or at the reef; a great memory of your freediving experience. For more info have a look on Seadrops Photography.